Dear Colleagues,


It is with regret I inform you that, due to the ongoing circumstances associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, we again must postpone the Australasian Brain and Psychological Sciences meeting (a combined ACNS x EPC x OHBM conference) until July 2022.


Several factors have led us to make this difficult decision. First, across Australia, many universities are still not permitting their staff or students to travel interstate, and funding cuts at some institutions mean that financial support is not available for conference attendance. Second, a recent survey of the ACNS community revealed that a significant proportion of attendees could not commit to attending a face-to-face meeting in December 2021. Third, when we originally rescheduled the ABPS meeting for December 2021 it was based on government predictions that the majority of the population would be vaccinated against COVID by late 2021, which now seems highly unlikely. Finally, the recent outbreaks in Melbourne and Sydney demonstrate the high risk of sudden border closures. This makes the conference and the relevant societies vulnerable financially should a last-minute cancellation be necessary, as we are contractually committed to the hotel. We also would not wish to place our members in a financially vulnerable position should they be forced to cancel travel plans.


Looking forward, we will now hold the ABPS meeting at the original venue the Pullman King, George Square from 18-21 July 2022. We are firmly committed to having an outstanding in-person conference that we can all attend.


If you have any questions about the postponement, please contact me at

[email protected] .


With kind regards,

Paul E. Dux


On behalf of the ABPS organising committee


Further to this adjustment, the executive of the Australasian Society for Experimental Psychology has decided that the time period between our normal conference dates (Easter week) and the proposed July date for ABPS is too short to hold two strong meetings. We have decided to move our next EPC meeting to the Easter period in 2023. It will still be run by the school of Psychology at the Australian National University and we all hope it will be a face to face meeting as usual.